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How to Effectively Swaddle Your Baby

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Knowing how to swaddle your baby is a must have skill. Not only for putting baby to sleep in a safe and snug way, but swaddling will also help settle an otherwise unsettled baby. It prevents baby from her own startling reflex, keeps her warm, and keeps her feeling safe and secure.

As your baby has been living in the snugness of the womb for nine months, swaddling will, to a degree, recreate that sensation and environment. So let’s cover one of the simplest and most common, swaddling methods…

#1 – Diamond Fold

Lay down your specific swaddling blanket/muslin cloth onto a soft and flat surface, angled into a diamond shape. Fold down the top corner, placing baby on her back, with her neck in line with the fold.

#2 – Right Tuck

What you want to do is keep your baby’s right arm down and straight by her side, before pulling over the left blanket corner over that arm, across her torso, then tucked snugly (not too tightly) under her left arm. Make sure it’s tight and secure, but with space enough for baby to be able to move her hips.

#3 – Left Tuck

Keep her left arm down now, and then pull the bottom corner up and then over her left shoulder, tucking any excess material around her left side.

#4 – Wrap it Up

Pull taut the loose right corner, and pull it up and over her torso, rolling her slightly to the right to allow you to wrap all the way around.





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