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Can a Book Put Your Kid to Sleep? Thousands of Parents Hope so.

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According to the Washington Post,a book claims to have the power to put your kids to sleep.

“Its author, Carl-Johan Forssen Ehrlin, a 37-year-old former life coach and a communications consultant in Sweden, told The Washington Post that his book will “keep the child focused on relaxing and falling asleep instead of talking.” Ehrlin consulted with a hypnotist in developing the book and tested it on preschoolers.”

The book titled “The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Sleep,” claims to be able to calm a child through a story that utilizes the repetition of certain words and requires changes in voice, tone.

Though Some parents claimed to have found it difficult to get their children to sit and engage in the story, the book is currently No. 18 on the Amazon bestseller list.


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