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7 Things to Know About Breastfeeding in Public

Does Breastfeeding in public make you uneasy?

Breastfeeding in public can be intimidating and make you feel uncomfortable, but there will be times when it will be the most practical when you are out with Baby. So, how can you make it easier and less awkward?

Practice in The Comfort Of Home

When you first bring the baby home, you will start working out all the breastfeeding quirks. Latching and positioning can take some practice. Once you’re comfortable breastfeeding, practice using a cover every now and then at home so you will be ready when you go out.

Make Easy Clothing Choices

Whether you choose to wear a tank specifically for breastfeeding or just a top that pulls down easily, make sure to make a comfortable choice. Breastfeeding bras will be the heroes of your public life. Once you put a cover over, you can easily move your shirt and open that bra flap so baby can suckle away.

Choose a Cover Up

To prevent flashing the world, a blanket or cover up may be needed. If you can, find one that has a nice loop for around your neck. This makes it so easy to slip on. This one is a best seller on Amazon: Udder Covers Breast Feeding Nursing Cover. A classy poncho can work too.

Look For The Best Spots

When you go somewhere and know you will need to breastfeed soon, scout out a great spot that you can excuse yourself to. A corner booth in a restaurant, a dressing room in a retail store, or ask to see if the public place you’re in has a nursing room. You may be surprised how accommodating public places can be.

Avoid Germy Places

In order to get some privacy, you may think a public bathroom stall is a good idea. We strongly recommend avoiding places like this. Remember, Baby is eating. Every time toilet flushes with the lid open, “it releases an aerosol spray of tiny tainted water droplets.” (source) You don’t want to him or her to pick up any unnecessary germs.

Be Prompt

When you know it is about time for baby to be hungry, stop what you’re doing and go ahead and feed. If you wait until the baby is super hungry and gets fussy, it can cause more of a scene and be harder to stay calm and discreet.

Know Your Rights

Many states permit mothers to breastfeed in public. Know your rights when you are out and about so you can defend them if anyone comes to you with an issue. Read Amber’s story here: Why I’m Glad Someone Told Me To Stop Breastfeeding In Public, then go here to see the list of states where it’s legal to breastfeed in public.

Breastfeeding In Public

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