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A Guide To The Best Baby Sleeping Bags

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With so many options to choose from, figuring out which are the best baby sleeping bags for your little one can be a challenge.

When researching how to help your baby get into a comfortable sleep routine, having assistance from a sleep sack or bag may be helpful. Baby sleeping bags provide warmth and safety for your bundle of joy. These should not be confused with a simple blanket that is used for swaddling your baby. Here is a guide to help you choose the best sleeping bags for your little one.

What are Baby Sleeping Bags?

Baby sleeping bags are garments designed to keep them warm, comforted, and safe. Many opt to use baby sleeping bags since loose blankets can be an unsafe option for crib use. There are sleeping bags for every season, and they come in many fun designs. The best time to start using baby sleeping bags is as early as six weeks. There are a few different types to choose from, and this guide provides details on each.

What is a Tog Rating?

A tog rating is the weight of the material the baby sleep sack is made out of, and every baby sleeping bag has one. The higher the rating, the thicker the material. The standard tog rating is 2.5, and is usually comfortable for year-round use. A 0.5 tog rating is a lighter material and is great for summer weather. A 1.0 tog rating is good for warm but not hot weather.

If you are looking for a sleeping bag for the winter months, a 3.5 tog rating should be your target.  You’ll need to match the material to the weather to keep your baby comfortable.

The Best Baby Sleeping Bags

Picking the best sleeping bags for your baby is essential. There are a few standard options available. However, when choosing the one that is right for your baby, take into consideration your local weather. The age of your baby and tog rating of the garment are also important factors. Sleeping bags are a great way to keep your little one warm without using a blanket.

1. Swaddle Sack

Swaddle sacks are great because of their versatility. They ususally provide a bottom that is a simple baby sleeping bag design. These have fabric on each side that can be used to hold the arms down snugly in a comfortable swaddle position.

This option also allows you to leave their arms free. The fabric on the sides can be secured by velcro in a way that is safe for your baby. This is not a blanket that is wrapped to swaddle. The central part of the sleeping bag is usually secured with a zipper.

2. Grobag

These are simple sleeping bags. Some have short sleeves, and others come in extended sleeved versions. Grobags have a simple sack design that usually is secured with a zipper. They thoroughly cover your baby’s legs but still allow for free movement.

3. Split Leg Sleep Sacks

These are like an average footed sleeper but are made of a bulkier material. These sleep sacks allow for your growing little one to continue to reap the benefits of a sleeping bag while continuing to grow big and strong. Having the legs split provides for more freedom of movement by not confining their legs to an actual sack.

Choosing the best baby sleeping bags is based on many factors. These are the typical types of sleeping bags. When making your final decision remember to consider the tog rating at all times.

Each of these different types will have a variety of tog ratings to choose from. Honestly, the best sleeping bags for your baby is the one that keeps him comfortable and safe.



How to Size a Sleeping Bag for Your Baby

Sizing a sleeping bag for your baby is based on many variables. Each manufacturer will have their own sizing chart. Be sure to check each individual one. Some size their sleeping bags based on weight and height, and others do it by age.

You can always return those that don’t fit. It is essential that the sleeping bag is not too big. They could slip down into the sack, which isn’t safe.

If it is too small, it could cramp your baby and make him uncomfortable. A good rule of thumb is to size according to the specific brands’ sizing chart for best results.

What is the Best Sleeping Bags for Newborns?

The best sleep sacks for newborns are those that fit and are comfortable. Think of these as a wearable safe blanket for your baby. As parents, it is easy to worry about even the simplest of activities, like bedtime. Being able to eliminate one element that could cause SIDS is a positive aspect.

Most parents will tend to want to swaddle their newborns. For this reason, the swaddle sack is an excellent option for this age. This will allow you to swaddle your baby until he no longer likes it. Then you can convert these into ordinary sleeping bags.

What is the Best Sleeping Bag for an Infant?

Infants and toddlers both do well in the standard sleep sacks until they are mobile. Then parents will usually convert them to the split leg option. It is safer for the transition in which your little one wants to stand up in their crib. They tend to help when your baby generally starts trying to be more independent.

How do You Use a Sleeping Bag for Your Baby?

With the swaddle sacks, you would place your baby in the sack. Zip the front completely. Then, you would fold the fabric on one side across his body securing his arm. This material will velcro securely into place. Be sure it is not too tight. Repeat for the opposite side.

When not using the swaddle feature, you can drape the fabric on the sides across your baby’s body. You will velcro this fabric on each side, leaving his arms free. The standard sleeping bag is super easy to use. Put your baby in the sack and zip it up. The split leg is worn like the standard sleeper. There should be nothing else in the crib with your baby. The sleeping bag should keep him comfortable.

What Should Your Baby Wear Under the Sleeping Bag?

This depends on the tog rating and weather. In cold months, most parents put your baby in a long-sleeved onesie. This should only be done for sleeping bags without sleeves. In the summer, it is typical to put them in a short-sleeved onesie. You don’t want your baby to get overheated or cold.

In the split legged option, most put a simple onesie under (depending on the sleeves of the split leg sack). Use your better judgment when picking what to put on your baby under the sleeping bag.

One significant benefit of using a baby sleeping bag is the fact that your baby will stay at a comfortable temperature. Another advantage is that the risks of suffocation are minimized. Not using blankets can greatly reduce the chances of something blocking your baby’s airway. This way, your baby can sleep safe and snuggly in bed.

We hope this guide to the best baby sleeping bags is a helpful tool that you can utilize in your search for baby gear.


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