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The Best Learning Toys for Babies Under 1

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New parents are often very interested in toys for their new little one.

Not only do they want to get their children age appropriate toys, but they also want to find the best learning toys for babies.

“Playtime helps develop a baby’s social, intellectual, language, and problem-solving skills,” says Marilyn Segal, PhD, an early childhood studies program director at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. //

Note that playtime should be Baby-led. This means attention to what interests her! If she intends to play with a toy, sit back and watch. If she wants some face-to-face time with you, give her that special bonding time! 

Sometimes you may find her looking away and fussing. This probably means she’s tired and needs less stimulation. No matter what, she’s giving you cues about what she wants to do. Pay attention!

Here at Baby Care Mag, we have spent time researching for you and compiled an impressive list in no particular order of the very best infant learning toys for you. Each toy was created to support your baby’s development and encourage learning.

Here Are the Ten Best Learning Toys for Babies:


Bright Starts baby learning toy

Bright Starts

little tikes baby learning toy

Little Tikes

Skip Hop baby learning toys

Skip Hop

Whether you spend $27 (we have seen as low as $15) or $79.99 on a baby gym, your baby’s hand-eye coordination will be stretched, inspired, and developing quickly with a baby gym. There are so many types of baby gyms, and you are bound to find one that suits your style and needs.

A baby as young as just a couple days old can lay on a baby gym mat; most of them have fun prints and pictures on the bottom section which is perfect for tummy time.


Pull Caterpillar baby learning toy

Pull Caterpillar

Pull Phone baby learning toy

Pull Phone

Pull Elephant baby learning toy

Pull Elephant

A quick search for baby pull toys revealed many expensive pull toys. But after some simple searches further, we found these great pull toys for less than $10 each.

Ebay, Walmart, and Amazon all have these options. Even if your baby isn’t crawling yet, these toys offer hand-eye coordination.

As your little one begins to crawl and then walk, they will enjoy pulling their little friend along the way.


Roly-Poly a Stack baby learning toy

Roly-Poly a Stack

Fisher Price Brillant Basics baby learning toy

Fisher Price Brillant Basics

Stacking rings are designed for infants with tactile elements on each ring that your baby will love getting his or her hands and mouth on. These iconic toys are great and accessible for littlest ones but also offers fun stacking play as Baby grows.

The stacker on the left is found at Target and the learning toy on the right is found on Amazon and has a maraca and tambourine underneath the rings.



Stack and Smile Photo Blocks baby learning toy

Stack and Smile Photo Blocks

These stack n smile blocks are SO perfect for your baby to develop recognition for family faces. They are soft and stackable.


You are able to stick photos of family members in the blocks for your baby to begin facial recognition. You can start using these stacking blocks from birth! A great beginning baby learning toy.


Hape - Block and Roll Cart Wooden Push and Pull Toy for baby

Hape – Block and Roll Cart Wooden Push and Pull Toy

Sit to Stand baby learning toy

Sit to Stand

Fisher Price Bounce and Stride Elephant baby learning toy

Fisher Price Bounce and Stride Elephant

Baby push walkers are one of the best learning toys for your baby under one. Whether it is the push cart with the wooden blocks and shapes inside, the sit to stand with all of the wild buttons and noises, or the riding elephant that can also be pushed, your baby is bound to develop all of the right muscles.

You can find these at Amazon, Target, and beyond.


VTech Musical Rhyme Book baby learning toy

VTech Musical Rhyme Book

Rhyming aids in learning how to talk. If you can find any musical rhyming books or toys, they are a great infant learning toy!


Learning how to press the buttons for the reward of a talking-book is perfect for your little one, too! You definitely want to add this to your collection.


KidsThrill Baby Toy Cellphone

KidsThrill Baby Toy Cellphone

Vtech Snap and Surprise Camera baby learning toy

Vtech Snap and Surprise Camera

For any baby who is in their first three months or fourth trimester, hand-held toys really help with their nearsightedness. Most likely unable to actually hold the toy, your baby will be very excited to bat at it and try out their new muscles.



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Having a mobile above your baby’s crib, above his or her bouncy seat, or even on the car seat handle is a great developmental toy for your little one. As they lay there staring at the various shapes and movements, their little brain begins tracking and recognizing things.

Babies are mesmerized by mobiles. You can find some really cute baby mobiles online, but you can also make one yourself!


Sassy Floor Mirror baby learning toy

Sassy Floor Mirror

A fantastic and much-needed baby learning toy, unbreakable mirrors are a MUST for your toy bin. They are almost always under $15.


“Although they won’t realize it’s themselves they’re seeing the first three months, babies find their own reflection fascinating. And by 3 months old, yours may have struck up a relationship with hers, and begun smiling at it. Look for a mirror you can hang near a changing table or stand up in front of your baby during tummy time.” (

You can even buy one for the car!


Daisy's Dream 4-Piece Animal Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder baby learning toy

Daisy’s Dream 4-Piece Animal Wrist Rattle and Foot Finder

Your baby loves new sounds and noises. Purchase a few wrist and ankle rattles for him or her to shake around as they flail their precious little limbs.


They will soon figure out that they are the ones making all of the racket, and what a fun discovery! This will offer an extended moment of entertainment for your little one as he or she learns what new sounds and noises she can make. It’s kind of cute, too!


In the first few months of your little one’s life out of the womb, he or she will most appreciate toys (s)he can look at and listen to. Your baby won’t be sitting up or grasping/pinching objects quite yet, his or her vision will be blurry, and likely will only be able to see things about 12 inches from his or her face.

Babies absolutely love faces to study, whether a large photo or your actual face. There are many great learning toys for infants on the market, and you don’t have to spend too much to build that stash!


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